2020-2021 Master Calendar

Here, you will find our Master Calendar that can be used in concert with the Refrigerator Calendar and Menu. You can print the master calendar and keep it in a binder, and then use it for long-term planning and record keeping.

You can use the calendar at the top to keep track of birthdays, appointments, meetings, and events.

On the bottom half of the page, you will find a table for logging bills paid online, space to write in the names of you bank accounts and a check box to indicate that you have reviewed them for accuracy, and a checklist for household tasks that need to be done in a given month, such as changing the furnace filter, replacing batteries in smoke detectors, making medical appointments, and so on.

At the start of each month, you can transfer activities and events from this master calendar to the refrigerator so everyone in your family knows what is going on.

We are happy to share these resources with you free of charge. We ask only that if you download and use them, you show your support by purchasing or recommending our books.