The Flourish Workshop is about creative, hands-on learning.

Focusing on the areas of literature, writing, and nature study, we publish curriculum for use in homeschool and enrichment class environments that aims to encourage, guide, and inspire both students and teachers. We believe in building foundations of knowledge that are cohesive, engaging, and relevant from the very beginning. Our materials are flexible and adaptable, yet challenging enough to engage the brightest young minds. Each book is written, edited, and designed with the intention of helping you to share a truly enriching experience with your children.

Our books bring inspiration, creativity, and joy to your homeschool or classroom.

Our curriculum nurtures the innate spirit of creative imagination by offering mind-opening activities and projects. The individual lessons promote inquiry and exploration, encourage a variety of ways to communicate ideas, and challenge students to analyze and synthesize new ideas. Our books emphasize wonder, reasoning, reflection, observation, analysis, and other active uses of the mind.

We believe that the process of learning should meaningful for both the student and the teacher.

We are confident that the facts, figures, and specific skills set forth in academic standards will follow from meaningful experiences in which students have the opportunity to act on their own curiosity, access relevant information, and enjoy the rewards the come from asking good questions and discovering the answers.

We see parents and educators as mentors, guiding these students to develop their unique visions for their futures into concrete realities. We believe in the limitless potential of young minds and provide tools that open up possibilities, generate questions, and reveal new avenues of inquiry while offering enough guidance and structure to insure both depth of knowledge and breadth of content. Our books give you the materials, knowledge, and confidence you need to provide just the right level of inspiration and engagement that budding scholars need in order to flourish.

We think that books can help build communities.

At the Flourish Workshop, we create books that bring people together. Through conversation, collaborative learning, meaningful activities, and time spent in each other’s company, teachers and students form a unique, mutually enriching relationship. When you use our resources, you and your students become a part of our family, and we hope that, through our books and the work they inspire, we help build a community of thoughtful, compassionate, and creative minds.