Nature Study: Trees

A practical guide to exploring your world.

  • Price: 24.95
  • ISBN: ‎978-1734878820

The perfect introduction to the world of trees. With activities suitable for every season, you will see that trees have new secrets to reveal all year long.

Combining the wisdom of a knowledgeable guide with the personal touch of a journal, Nature Study: Trees will help you to see, understand, and appreciate trees in a whole new way. Designed for use by nature enthusiasts, homeschooling parents, classroom teachers, outdoor educators, and camp counselors, this book is appropriate for students in the late elementary grades on up. Even adults will learn to see things about trees that they never noticed before.

The hands-on, discovery-based approach to the study of trees that you will find herein is unique among nature study guides. Its standout features include:

  • Over 50 Investigations, each focusing on a single aspect of a tree, to help you become familiar with every part of a tree, from its roots to the tips of its branches.
  • 10 Focused Studies that invite you to apply the knowledge gained from the Investigations to the study of individual species.
  • A wide variety of activities that integrate traditionally discrete subjects, including botany, geometry, and art, in a way that is practical, tangible, and fun.
  • Activities that require little advanced preparation or special supplies. For many activities, you can simply grab the book and a pencil and head to your nearest tree.