15 Stay-At-Home Summer Fun Activities

With summer camps, road trips, fireworks, and so much more cancelled this summer, we are all scrambling to find ways to make this time special and fun for our kids. Below, you will find a list of 15 activities that are perfect for a stay-at-home summer. You can find complete directions (and 37 more fun activities!) in Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids. On days that are too hot or too wet to get outside, you can share a poem or two over glasses of cold lemonade.

  1. Make and fly a sled kite.
  2. Create a diorama from natural materials.
  3. Mix up some cookies for the birds.
  4. Listen to the whistling wind.
  5. Preserve the outlines of summer flowers and ferns with sun prints.
  6. Give the fairies a place to live.
  7. Make pinwheels and watch them spin.
  8. Make tin can luminaries to light up the evenings.
  9. Start seedlings in newspaper pots.
  10. Gather materials from around the house to make a wind chime.
  11. Plant grass in egg shells.
  12. Make a mosaic from seeds.
  13. Make and sail a craft stick raft.
  14. Make rock animals.
  15. Press flowers and make them into bookmarks.