Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids

52 Classic works and Hands-On Projects to Delight Students Throughout the Year

  • Price: $34.95
  • ISBN: 978-1734878806

“This book is the BEST resource I have found for teaching poetry. It makes poetry fun, accessible, and engaging. In my 17 years as a teacher, this is the best poetry resource I have encountered.”

If you want to introduce poetry to children but do not know where to start, Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids will provide you with the resources and guidance you need in order to do so successfully and with confidence.

This book provides:

  • A source of high-quality, engaging poems to share with children over tea and cookies. Here, you will find fifty-two classic poems, organized around the seasons of the year, that have delighted children for generations.
  • Resources for planning and running a co-op or enrichment class for early elementary grades. Along with the full text of each poem and guidance for discussing it with children, you will find various ways to extend the core lesson to fill one or more class periods. Additional materials include writing workshops, nature study, and craft projects.
  • An easy-to-use poetry curriculum for homeschooling. The step-by-step approach to exploring each poem encourages children to discover hidden layers of meaning themselves. A concise summary of the key ideas found in each poem will give you the knowledge to guide the conversation, if needed. Additional activities will let you follow your students’ interests in the topics that emerge to the realms of literature, science, writing, and art.

Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids makes learning fun for both students and teachers. Its well-organized, adaptable approach will help you guide students as they begin to discover the magic of poetry. You can follow the lessons over the course of a calendar year, or pick and choose as you please. Your students will flourish either way.


Click on the links below to download copies of the poems and craft project templates.

Busy Day

The Enkindled Spring

Morning Song of the Bees

Nest Eggs

The Dandelions

The Brook

The Birds’ Orchestra

Invitation to the Ant and The Ant’s Answer

May Basket

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Daffodil Template

The Mushroom’s Soliloquy

Looking Glass River

The Shadows

The Grass

The Rainbow Fairies

A Make-Believe

Rain in Summer

Swinging on a Birch Tree

A Friend in the Garden

Summer Sun

The Caterpillar and Who Has Seen the Wind?


A Sand Castle