Author: The Flourish Workshop

Free Editable Week Planner

Below, you will find one of our favorite weekly planners. It is a simple, flexible design that you can use to plan all aspects of your week. It includes spaces for lesson plans, activities, notes, a to-do list, dinner plans, exercise, or other aspects of your life that you want to track. You can print […]

2020-2021 Master Calendar

Here, you will find our Master Calendar that can be used in concert with the Refrigerator Calendar and Menu. You can print the master calendar and keep it in a binder, and then use it for long-term planning and record keeping. You can use the calendar at the top to keep track of birthdays, appointments, […]

2020-2021 Refrigerator Calendar & Menu

Plenty of people swear by one app or another to help them stay organized and on top of things, but we prefer the tried-and-true paper calendar. Click here to download our 2020-2021 refrigerator calendar and menu. We keep them side-by-side on the refrigerator. The calendar gets filled in with birthdays, events, classes, meetings, and other […]